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Short Biography

Francisco Negrin is a stage director mostly working in opera but who has also created arena and stadium projects, museum openings, fashion shows, as well as other commercial events, including one of the largest shows ever, the opening of the 2017 AIMAG, with 6000 performers, two ice shows in the Verona roman arena and a 1-kilometer-wide show at the Dubai World Cup. He has directed over 70 critically acclaimed productions in the leading opera houses around the globe, many of which have been televised and released on DVD. The Royal Opera House in London, Chicago Lyric Opera, the Liceu in Barcelona, Sydney Opera House, New York City Opera, the Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam or the Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris are only a few of the major companies where Francisco Negrin’s work has been presented.

His work is distinguished by faithfulness to the text and music, refracted through a thoroughly modern but elegant sensibility that changes style to suit and enhance the piece rather than impose on it, and a strongly visual and kinetic approach often described by the press as “cinematic”. He is admired by singers and conductors alike as a director who deeply understands the musical aspects of the piece and collaborates with the musicians to achieve better dramaturgy. His work has especially had an impact on changing audiences’ perception of “difficult” or unknown pieces. Francisco has a special liking for directing site-­specific events and using dance and other media in truly telling ways.

Francisco has won several awards for his work and his London production of Handel’s Orlando was nominated for two Laurence Olivier awards.

Press Articles

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El arte exige talento pero también disciplina
August 2020 / in Spanish

Monsieur Butterfly
Invierno 2019 – 2020 / in Spanish
¡A Escena!
Revista Black
2019 / in Spanish

Francisco Negrín y sus claves para ser un sibarita
Octubre 2019 / in Spanish
La Ópera se populariza en la escuela
La Nueva España
Julio 2019 / in Spanish

Reinventar un apellido
2019 / in Spanish
Francisco Negrín: Con Nombre Propio
Julio / Agosto 2019 / in Spanish
Creador de otros mundos
July / August 2019 / in Spanish
El problema de la ópera son los críticos
Platea Magazine
June 2019 / in Spanish
De Escena Internacional
April 2019 / in Spanish

Au fond du puits
Avril – Juin 2010 / in French

Negrin amène ses Puritains
La Tribune de Genève
January 2011 / in French
El Bisnieto de Negrin
La provincia (Las Palmas)
June 2010 / in Spanish

Negrin: Macbeth à l’Opéra du Rhin
Opera Magazine (France)
Avril 2010 / in French
Romantiken tog humoren fra os
October 2008 / in Danish
Oi Pouritanoí ws thriler
To Vyma
April 2009 / in Greek
Ich erfinde eine neue Welt
Leipziger Volkszeitung
April 2005 / in German

Film director manqué
About the House
November 2004 / in English
FN, un mexicano del mundo
October 2004 / in Spanish

Ovni Technoïde
Le Temps
May 2000 / in French
Opéra des Lumières
24 Heures
May 2000 / in French
Future of Opera
Yorkshire Evening Post
May 1999 / in English

Fit for a Rare Treat
The Courier-Mail
September 1998 / in English

Som Hentet fra Kafka
Berlingske Tindende
April 1998 / in Danish

L’opéra ne change pas la vie, tout au plus il l’élève
Le Nouveau Quotidien
November 1997 / in French

The Front
HQ Magazine
Jul / Aug 1997 / in English

Beyond Compare
The Weekend Review
July 1997 / in English

Perfect Pitching
Studio for Men
Autumn / Winter 1997 / in English

Negrin puts his spin on Hoffmann’s tales
The Northern Herald
September 1996 / in English

Unconventional take on Hoffmann’s tales
The Australian
September 1996 / in English

FN aims to explore wide spectrum
The Australian
May 1995 / in English

El niño de la ópera
El Mundo
August 1993 / in Spanish

Down Among the Divas
Gay Scotland
June 1993 / in English

Il monte Werther à l’opera de Nice
Nice Matin
March 1990 / in French

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